Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Google Apps Migration

We took a small break from content creation and the search for a suitable designer, to migrate the orlogix.com and keltec.info domains to Google Apps.
It went reasonably smoothly with just one account refusing to allow POP3 logins for several hours before automagically fixing itself.
A key thing to watch out for are "forwarding" accounts that are commonly used in email-workflow heavy offices like ours to forward all mail from a 'role' type address to the personal named addresses of the relevent employees. For these it is important to ensure no mail goes to spam before it's forwarded so that employees dont have to check the spam folders of multiple accounts that are operating in sequence.

The only dissapointment is the way the other highly usefull Google services such as Reader, Notes, Groups, Knol, Alerts, Blogger etc are impossible to login to using your Google Apps account. It would be nice to be able to use them, even if they were not given "shared domain" type functionality. Very nice.

As a workaround I keep this non-apps account and synchronise the email and calender. Using Firefox 2 (3.x seems problematic here) multiple profiles allows me to be logged into both at the same time so it's close to seamless.

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